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The more windows there are in your building, the greater the benefits of installing window film. That's because tinted windows do much more than simply control heat gain; they also improve the safety, security, energy efficiency and appearance of your building– all at a fraction of the cost of installing special glass. LLumar produces highly superior film to its competitors, and we're happy to tell you why. Here are some of building improvements that makes a noticeable difference both inside and out.


Why tint your building?

Save energy in every season. Keep heat from getting in and you won't have to pay to pump it out. Unlike drapes and blinds, LLumar film rejects up to 79% of the heat that would otherwise come through the window. That can translate into a savings of about one ton of air conditioning for every 100 square feet of glass exposed to sunlight.


In cooler seasons, tinted windows work to save energy by reflecting heat back into the room. This can reduce heat loss by up to 30%, saving you fuel and improving tenant comfort. In addition, an energy efficient building puts less strain on your heating and cooling system, thus reducing maintenance and extending the life of the equipment.


Ended thermostat wars, comfortable employees. The sunny side of the building is overheating. Yet the air conditioning is making the shaded side too cool. Complaints are coming in from both sides of the building and tenants are dueling with their thermostats. With Llumar film, your building becomes a more comfortable place to work. Temperature imbalances are minimized. Glare is reduced. Tenants don't have to squint and strain to view their computer screens.


A safer, more secure building. LLumar's proprietary adhesive technology bonds tightly to the glass. This helps reduce the dangers associated with breakage. In the event of severe weather, earthquakes, explosions, fires or vandalism, this can significantly reduce injuries due to flying glass. Where the potential for breakage is particularly high, we recommend extra tough LLumar Magnum Safety and Security Films. Penetration and tear resistance also makes Llumar's Magnum films an excellent choice for improving security, especially on ground floor windows. By making unwanted entry extremely difficult, this film deters burglary without unsightly bars.


Protect your furnishings. The sun's ultraviolet rays are a major contributor to fading. Carpeting, paneling, desks, drapes and upholstered furniture represent a sizable investment that can quickly lose value when damaged by prolonged exposure to the sun. Tinted windows screens out up to 99% of those harmful rays, therefore fading is considerably reduced and your investment in furnishings is better protected.


An attractive proposition. Viewed from the outside, tinted windows give your building a clean, contemporary appearance. It disguises clutter and disarray of half-drawn drapes and blinds, non-uniform furniture placement and uneven lighting. And provides you with an economical way to make your building more attractive and more valuable.


What are your options?

Since there is a complete selection of films that vary in color, density, and heat rejection qualities, we can show you a film that offers your building the ideal balance of aesthetic and performance characteristics. Reflective and Non-Reflective Neutral Films are available in gray and bronze shades as well as different darkness.


Our assurance

Lumar installations are only performed by factory trained professionals, which is what Sunset Tint's employees are. We'll perform the job within an accurately estimated time period, with a minimum of disruption. Once installed, our window films carry a factory-backed warranty supported by our worldwide dealer/installer network.


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